Keith Robertson

Panoramic Photography

Landscapes - the natural environment

My favourite kind of panorama. I really like capturing the feel and atmosphere of places special to me.

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North Wales

All of my North Wales landscape panoramas in one large and growing collection.

It's home and where I have my best adventures.

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Mid Wales

Visited the Devil's Bridge area and Aberystwyth itself recently for a mini-break away from home. Will have to come again I think. I shot a VR Tour of the 'Devil's Punchbowl' walk right next to the Devil's Bridge. After that we explored the coast at Aberystwyth, enjoying the views from Constitution Hill.

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South Wales

Work used to take me to South Wales, now that's at an end. Sometimes took my camera gear with me when allowed.

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We really love Scotland. Anne and I visit as much as we can, mainly for super-serious, eye-balls-out sea-kayaking exped and winter mountaineering trips. No petrol involved, absolutely full on 'Silent Sport'.

I sometimes take my panoramic gear with me, possibly not often enough.

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Been here twice sea-kayaking, didn't drown, so, still alive.

Fantastic place to visit and live, I imagine.

Roads look pretty decent for biking too.

A bit windy most of the time, and dark, lots.

One or two really, really good coffee shops, jumpers to die for too.

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Finale Ligure on the Mediterranean coast.

Possibly the coolest place to climb?

Hot chocolate to die for.

Panos taken on rest days from days out on the crags.

A traditional Italian summer resort which used to be mainly accessed by train. Great value in winter, but can be a little chilly and damp in November & December.

Very handsome mediaeval villages in the hills where cars are not able to enter as the streets and walkways are too narrow.

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Derbyshire Edges in winter, where Anne comes from, best natural gritstone climber I know.

And a few other places visited in-between climbing trips.

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