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Urban - the man made environment

Interesting shapes with some fascinating history and culture.

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Dinorwig Slate Quarries

A huge scar on the landscape, right on the boundary of the Snowdonia National Park. It's been here so long, it's hardly noticed. Massive influence on the whole area. Our village, or my house even, wouldn't be here without it. The starting image is of a surviving Caban where the men drank tea, eat their dinner and intellectual debates took place. Bodies were taken to the morgue.
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Caernarfon Castle

Wander round the outside, for now. I'm hoping to do some of the inside in the future.
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The original Beacon climbing-wall centre

Located in the old Marconi building; way up in the clouds above the Clegir road near Waunfawr. One of the first big indoor walls to become popular in the 90's, it transformed fitness levels for climbers living in North Wales. For the first time it was possible to keep finger-strength in tune over the dark and wet winter months. In 2008 Steve and Gill moved the centre to the abandoned Barcud Studios in Caernarfon.

I've resurrected my old files from December 2004 to re-build this tour. An interesting exercise to re-purpose old digital files with modern software. I used different lenses in those days too, a 7-14mm rectilinear and a 14-54mm zoom. I had to shoot many more frames than I do now with a fisheye lens. Unfortunately I've accidentally deleted the original files for the main climbing-wall, so what you see here is a lower res version saved from when it was on-line.
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V12 Climbing Shop 2006

V12 is still selling outdoor equipment on Llanberis High Street today. These photos were taken just before the new refurbishment was opened to the public.
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V12 Climbing Shop 2005

At the time I created this tour the shop was on 2 floors. It was remodelled in October 2006, so these images are now a kind of historical record. If you study the climbing equipment you'll notice it how some of it has changed quit a bit.
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Overlooking Caernarfon. A 'special' project in that there are two panoramas taken on the same spot, but nine years apart. The first in 2007, the second in 2016. You can click between the two to see how the town has changed, especially the dock area.
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Galeri - Caernarfon

The Galeri Theatre itself. Undertaking a big expansion in Spring 2017.
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Seacroft Hotel

Very newly refurbished and transformed in October 2008.
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